Evan Pedone

Author, Radio Host, Explorer, Cryptozoologist and founder of the Florida Paranormal Society, Evan Pedone, has a passion for exploring the unknown. He believes that life is an adventure and is on a quest to experience all that there is to discover.

Go on an adventure with Author, Evan Pedone in his first novel, Expedition Exerest.

Paranormal Conversations For The Modern Day Explorer

The Florida Paranormal Society Radio is hosted by Evan Pedone, founder of FPS. Based out of Tampa Bay, Florida, FPS researches the unknown and studies all paranormal activities ranging from cryptozoological entities to lost cities and everything in between and beyond.

Where there is myth …there is truth. Where there is the unknown …there is discovery.

Host Evan Pedone brings to the forefront new theories on old theories regarding Cryptids, Ghosts, ETs and all things Paranormal.

Paranormal Conversations with Evan Pedone