The Team

DSC_1059cFPS Co-founder, Evan Pedone is a published author whose novel Expedition Everest presents unique views of the Yeti. Though fiction, the novel outlines many of Evan’s unique ideas on how cryptozoological animals may remain hidden, based on sound science. Evan’s early background includes military intelligence in the US Army as well as Aerospace Propulsion in the US Air Force. His past experience makes him disseminate information as a creative thinker generating unique insight into the paranormal such as how Alien Aircraft could possibly operate. Evan’s military career also provided him with inside knowledge of former Airmen who spoke of the proof of exotic spacecraft.





FPS Co-founder, Ashley Pedone is an experienced professional photographer and journalist. A graduate of University of Florida with a degree in journalism, her knowledge and expertise in written and photographed documentation is essential for FPS. Ashley’s real life “Scully and Mulder” relationship with husband, FPS Co-founder Evan, provide a neutral balance of optimism and realism. An explorer at heart, Ashley’s passion to dissect and discover and her feet-on-the-ground common sense allow her to comfortably adapt to situations and locations where a level, open mind are necessary. Ashley has a love of life and travel and enjoys capturing both on film.




Michael Wadsworth – (Field Investigator)
Looking for a realistic explanation for the unknown, Michael needs to see it to believe it. As a child he was fascinated by things that scared other children and he began investigating at a young age. He wants to explore all facets of the paranormal while developing methods to draw out phenomenon in the hope to document proof.


Re Monteith – (Field Investigator)
An adventurer at heart, Re has extensive outdoor land, ocean and mountaineering survival skills, has tran-sailed the Atlantic and climbed three of the seven summits. She is the President of the Florida BFRO and has had a life long interest in Bigfoot as well as having experienced two sightings.



Eric C

Eric Christie – (Field Investigator)
He may be cautious at times, but Eric brings a balance of on-point investigating techniques and potential theories. He believes in cryptids and hopes to research and explore them further.




untitledMandy Mikolajczk – (Field Investigator)
Both believer and skeptic, with a passion for all things paranormal, Mandy is captivated by haunted history, ghosts, legends and lore. A level-headed explorer, she brings her resourceful, analytical thinking to FPS as well as her creative mind and well thought out investigative techniques.



Eric GEric Ganos – (Field Investigator)
A lifelong UFO and Alien, demonic possession and ghost enthusiast. Eric has researched UFOs and Aliens since his childhood along with the many conspiracy theories surrounding political and biblical involvement. Eric is always ready for the next exploration and the mysteries waiting to be discovered.



EmilyEmily Pedone – (Field Investigator)
An open-minded believer, Emily is fascinated by the paranormal. She is a fitness buff and loves to travel. Her investigative approach is to not discount what is not yet proven, but to dive in deeper and not back down. Emily is very diverse and claims no stereo-type. Her analytical thinking provides FPS with a healthy approach into the unknown.



Brad MathewsBrad Mathews – (Tech/Set-up)






blaine2Blaine Brunton – (Tech/Set-up)






connorConnor Brunton – (Tech/Set-up)






Teri Brunton – (Research/Communications)