FPS has investigated in the state of Florida, Washington, Wyoming, and Montana. We have also performed EXPEDITIONS in England, Greece, and Italy.

Please follow us on Facebook for the latest news about our organization, and any research and expeditions that we do. FPS regularly receives submissions from followers, and evidence of the unknown. Fields that FPS has studied include ghosts and apparitions, alien abduction, ufo sightings, cryptids such as the Skunk Ape and Bigfoot, and has even investigated past lost cities such as Pompeii in Italy.

The Skyway Bridge, St. Petersburg, FL ~ Investigation on the Anniversary of the sinking of the USCG Blackthorn.

On January 28, 1980, 23 crewmen lost their lives in the waters of Tampa Bay after their ship, the USCG Blackthorn, collided with the SS Capricorn. To this day people report hearing phantom ship whistle blasts. FPS just may have captured those sounds during their investigation. FPS will be returning to this location for additional investigations.

BigFoot Expedition – Myakka River State Park, Florida