UFOs Seen Over Florida – Many Reports Being Filed

hqdefaultThe Florida Paranormal Society has always believed that Florida is a hot spot for paranormal activity. In the links below, we have posted a few News Reports on UFO sightings over Florida. And there are many more to be seen.

You be the judge, but there is definitely something flying over the sunshine state.





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The 10 Best UFO Documentaries

10 Best UFO Documentaries

By: Shawn Landis

Break Studios Contributing Writer

The top 10 best UFO documentaries of all time will not tell you if the truth is out there. Good documentaries about aliens will not answer any more questions, but they will at least try to convince you of the possibility that we are not alone. Whether you believe or you just like learning about nutty conspiracy theories, here are some films that are sure to entertain.

  1. “Alien Autopsy.” If the hoax had never been exposed, this would still remain controversial. The Fox film did at least give Jonathan Frakes a job after he finished playing Commander Riker on “Star Trek: the Next Generation.”
  2. “I Know What I Saw.” – The greatest criticism levied against UFO documentaries involves what the people saw. This documentary features people relating their stories. The stories are not all of the usual backwoods encounter stories, either.
  3. “UFOS: The Secret History” – This UFO documentary from a Canadian filmmaker tracks the beginning of the UFO phenomenon from 1947 and onward. The viewer also gets treated to the history of some interesting conspiracy theories.
  4. “It Has Begun” – This is one of the best UFO documentaries from the 1970s and managed to spark its own conspiracy theory. The idea that an alien space ship landed at Hollman Air Force Base is amusing. Even less likely is the idea of space aliens meeting with base personnel.
  5. “Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs Seeing is Believing” – The late Peter Jennings conducted an interview of researchers and other people interested in the UFO phenomenon. Jennings took a more human-interest angle rather than taking a position on whether or not UFOs existed.
  6. ”UFO Cover-Up Live.” What makes this one of the top ten best UFO documentaries is its use of “M*A*S*H” actor, Mike Farrell. The only thing that could have made it better was including Alan Alda, Harry Morgan and Larry Linnvile. It may have gotten even more viewers as a “M*A*S*H” reunion. You also learn that aliens enjoy strawberry ice cream.
  7. Best Evidence: UFO Sightings” – Have you ever wondered if there is any credible evidence for alien spacecraft? This film makes the list of best UFO documentaries because it sorts through all the known hoaxes and focuses only on the items that have not been explained.
  8. “Penn and Teller’s Bullshit Episode – UFOs” – The viewer may wish for a different title for this show, but if you’ve ever wondered if there might be completely terrestrial explanations to the UFO phenomenon, you can find them in this episode. However, the duo mistakenly gives Prozac prescriptions as proof that people who believe in aliens are delusional.
  9. “Pilot Sightings.” – People engaged in aviation are the most likely to see unidentified flying objects up close. The stories of airplane pilots are usually reported with extreme accuracy if the report occurs just after the sighting.
  10. “UFO Hunters.” – The documentary series on the History channel documents the lives and methods of UFO researchers. It’s not as much about whether there are aliens or not as it is about documenting the lives of UFOlogists.

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Florida Paranormal Society Locates Skunk Ape Prints

The Florida Paranormal Society finds evidence of Bigfoot in Myakka River State Park

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – florida-paranormal

PRLog (Press Release)Jan. 26, 2014TAMPA, Fla.The Florida Paranormal Society recently performed an expedition into the Myakka River State Park, and uncovered evidence of the mysterious Skunk Ape.

“It is really something special. We as a society are very careful when we make announcements, because our credibility is on the line,” says Evan Pedone, founder of the Florida Paranormal Society. Evan, along with his wife, Ashley Pedone founded the society with a passion for exploring the unknown.

“The evidence is there, you just have to know where to look. Though it may not be a visual sighting, we found prints that warrant a second expedition,” says Ashley.

The society looks to tackle everything from Cryptozoological questions such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, to Lost Cities such as El Dorado. Right now their goal is to raise funding and awareness through donations, membership, and to grow the society from its current team of about 6 members to several hundred.“Anyone with a passion for exploration, adventure, and the chance to take part in something special should reach out and join us.  Anyone who is a member can be a part of an expedition as long as they are not camera shy.”

Evan plans on shooting every expedition, with the eventual goal of putting it on a television network. His past achievements include published novels, and the production of a feature film. However, his passion is exploration, and adventure.

If you are interested in checking out the video of the expedition to Myakka River State Park you can visit the Florida Paranormal Society at http://www.floridaparanormalsociety.com

Florida Paranormal Society LIVE on Blog Talk Radio – Bigfoot!

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Listen to our Radio Show, today’s topic, Bigfoot.

Florida Paranormal Society, based in Tampa Florida, is a leading research society specializing in all facets of the paranormal, including cryptids, lost cities, apparitions, myth, legends, treasure and the unknown. FPS performs expeditions and records them in a documentary style format.

All our welcome to join the Florida Paranormal Society, visit us at www.floridaparanormalsociety.com


Founded by explorer, author and cryptozoologist, Evan Pedone.

Popular Ghost Photos – The Back Seat Ghost

back_seat_ghost_lgMrs. Mabel Chinnery was visiting the grave of her mother one day in 1959. She had brought along her camera to take photographs of the gravesite. After snapping a few shots of her mother’s gravestone, she took an impromptu photo of her husband, who was waiting alone in the car. At least the Chinnerys thought he was alone.

When the film was developed, the couple was more than surprised to see a figure wearing glasses sitting in the back seat of the car. Mrs. Chinnery immediately recognized the image of her mother – the woman whose grave they had visited on that day. A photographic expert who examined the print determined that the image of the woman was neither a reflection nor a double exposure. “I stake my reputation on the fact that the picture is genuine,” he testified.

Credits: Stephen Wagner

Part I of Series – Popular Ghost Photos

The Florida Paranormal Society

Florida Paranormal Press Release – Paranormal Organization Connecting with Florida’s Past

415px-USCGC-Blackthorn-WLB-391FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Tampa, FL – January 28, 2014-01-28

Contact: Evan Pedone

Email: info@floridaparanormalsociety.com

Website: www.floridaparanormalsociety.com

The Florida Paranormal Society investigates the unfortunate history of The Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

Paranormal activity isn’t a fictional movie or television show; it is what seems to be lurking in the waters of Tampa Bay, Florida. On January 28, 2014 marked the 34th Anniversary of the collision of the USCG Blackthorn and the SS Capricorn, which resulted in the deaths of 23 crewmen.

The Florida Paranormal Society went on an expedition on the Anniversary of the collision to explore any possible paranormal activity of the fatal incident. Founders, Evan and Ashley Pedone led the Team on the investigation that not only found possible visible proof but also audible potential proof that spirits still inhabit the waters that claimed so many lives. Their findings can be seen in their latest documentary video, Sunshine Skyway Ghost Ship.

The Florida Paranormal Society has also ventured into Myakka River State Park on a quest to find proof of a possible Bigfoot sighted there in the recent past. The Society, or FPS, intends to incorporate such extraordinary locations within the state of Florida in their expeditions. They believe that Florida is a Hot Spot for activity and investigations also offer a chance to take a good look at some Florida’s beautiful and historic locations. All of their exhibitions are recorded in a documentary style video which can be viewed from their website.

Founders, Evan and Ashley have history as well as careers in video and photography. Ashley got her star in photojournalism having graduated from the University of Florida, and working for New York Times subsidiaries. Evan’s background is in independent film, reality television, and documentaries. The couple continues their passion for photography, now with a new addition in capturing milestones, in paranormal activity.

FPS is scheduling their next expeditions and hope to get their documentaries circulating so that others interested in paranormal as well as Florida, get the chance to participate in the thrill of exploration.

To interview founder, Evan Pedone, please email him at: info@floridaparanormalsociety.com.

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