Cryptid of the Day-Almas

Almas is the cryptid of the day. Almas is the name given to a cryptid believed to inhabit Mongolia and Russia. Varying theories range from Bigfoot type animals to ancient populations of Neanderthal that are still surviving in remote regions. In fact, one theory of the Dyatlov Pass incident is that either a Yeti or perhaps an ancient group of Neanderthals attacked the group resulting in the death of nine skiers in 1959.


Almas Cryptid


Untitled-4Digital Voice Recorders are a key tool in the paranormal investigator’s arsenal for capturing EVPs (electronic voice phenomena). There are many different models to which to choose. When considering the purchase of a digital voice recorder consider one that has plenty of memory, a microphone jack, a USB 2.0 jack, a battery life meter, and a headphone jack.

k2emfmeter1EMF Detector – No one knows for sure the reason behind it but most ghostly manifestations are accompanied by elevated Electro Magnetic Field readings. These readings can be detected with a piece of ghost hunting equipment called an EMF Detector.




Mount Everest Avalanche Tragedy


mount everest summit

It saddens me to hear of the tragedy on Mount Everest today. May all of our members and followers pray for those lost as they reached for the heavens.

To the brave men who dared to Brave the highest mountain. May your soul’s rest peacefully, and the Creator Bless you. Our prayers are with your family. Let your courage inspire us all to never stop climbing and reaching for the sky, no matter the danger that may ensue. For it is in the bravery of the human spirit, the yearning for exploration, that defines the essence of humanity. To boldly venture into the unknown. To climb what they say can’t be climbed. To cross what they say can’t be crossed. You inspired us in life, and you inspire us in your passing.

Evan Pedone

Author, Explorer, and Founder of the Florida Paranormal Society

Mount Everest Expedition Tragedy on Fox News Tampa Bay.