Cryptid of the Day-Almas

Almas is the cryptid of the day. Almas is the name given to a cryptid believed to inhabit Mongolia and Russia. Varying theories range from Bigfoot type animals to ancient populations of Neanderthal that are still surviving in remote regions. In fact, one theory of the Dyatlov Pass incident is that either a Yeti or perhaps an ancient group of Neanderthals attacked the group resulting in the death of nine skiers in 1959.


Almas Cryptid

Evan Pedone and BFRO Investigator Re Monteith Talk Bigfoot

Get all the latest updates on Bigfoot sightings and reports from Florida Paranormal Society founder, Evan Pedone. On this show Evan welcomes guest BFRO Investigator, Re Monteith. Tune in to hear their opinions on the video evidence and if they think it really could be a Bigfoot. Also, have you heard about the most recent SETI discovery? Well, it was really discovered over a year ago but is just now being released. What else could be happening that we are not being told about?

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