Florida Paranormal Society 2014. [www.floridaparanormalsociety.com].

Florida Paranormal Society is based in Clearwater, Florida. Founded by husband and wife team Evan and Ashley Pedone,

FPS investigates locations with reports of paranormal phenomena and records their investigations in a documentary style format hosted by, Evan Pedone.


Go on an adventure with Author,

Evan Pedone in his first novel, 

Expedition Everest

With host, Evan Pedone

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Author, Radio Host, Explorer, Cryptozoologist and founder of Florida Paranormal Society, Evan Pedone

Welcome to the Florida Paranormal Society... where reality and myth unite. Where legends and history are one in the same. We are an international Paranormal Research Society based in Clearwater, Florida specializing in cryptozoology, myth, legend and the unknown. We are skeptics, we are believers... we are modern day explorers. All are welcome to join us in our quest for truth and adventure.